Extra Curricular and Co-Curricular Programs



At Headstart Mandarin, we adopt The Ma Chinese Textbook series which is the most hailed textbooks among Chinese communities outside China.

Our program for heritage students runs from Year 1 to Year 10, using 11-volume textbook series, written specifically for school-age students of Chinese background living outside China.

In lower grades, we incorporate the time-tested rhymes, poems, or essays that are culturally appropriate and cross-culturally stimulating.  These materials were painfully selected from the existing China’s national language education curricular, Chinese literature, as well as the world literature classics.  For the early years, we adopt the “Direct Character Recognition” approach, primarily focusing on vocabulary building through repeated exposure to and spiral expansion of characters presented in fun and culturally appealing contents.

Our curriculum is designed to reflect the 5C’S (Communication, Culture, Connection Comparison and Community), through role play, drama, collaborative and interactive activities, providing the best learning opportunity for heritage learners in a non-native environment.